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Sunny Afternoon with Mustang, Aindrias de Staic and Sabrina Fallon

Captured in Oranmore, Co. Galway when spotting Aindrias de Staic and Sabrina Fallon shooting the music video for Sabrina’s newly released single. Kevin’s 1965 Ford Mustang 4.7 liter made the shot… Enjoy it in VR 360


Between the showers

Galway today, between the showers and the occasional sunny spells ☔ It is so easy to forget what the blue skies are all about but then the sun shows up and the bad stuff is all forgotten. I am hoping that the sun will stay smiling ☺ for longer this time.

Craving for sunlight

While another storm breaks loose outside and I am huddling under my blanket with the tip of my nose freezing and my hands feeling like a piece of ice, I realise I am craving for sunlight badly. You would say, what about the other day, it was so nice and sunny… Well, I was working and didn’t see any of it so it doesn’t count. Here is another gust of wind 🍃 running over the roof and shaking the windows like a maniac.  I really don’t like the sound of that!! Well, I suppose I can’t really complain, we had a great September, good October,  and not too bad November. It’s […]