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Go East 360˚ | What’s The CRAIC? with ZIPPO Genuine Lighter On the Lough Corrib in Oughterard

Loving Connemara? Div Vision 360 Zazzle online Store is bringing Zippo genuine Lighter for Christmas 2017 in collection ‘What’s The CRAIC?’ styled with Lough Corrib in Oughterard.


Galway magic at Christmas time

Every year, a few days before Christmas we  go to Galway visiting the Christmas market, then strolling through the city in the dark, admiring the decorated windows and soaking up the festive feeling in the air.  This is a part of our celebrations and there is something really lovely in walking on Shop street at Christmas time, all the lights are bright and colourful, there is a lot of people around, everyone is happy and chatting away, there are tempting  aromas floating from everywhere from all the cafes,food stalls and shops. Enjoy the symphony of colours and lights and that gorgeous feeling of Christmas just around the corner… It is a feast for the eyes, the best you can do while the Christmas mood is in full swing – go […]


I think I am getting a bit touchy at the word “Christmas”.  I remember when my kids were in primary school their teacher had forbidden anyone to mention the “C WORD” until a week before the actual event when anyone could repeat it freely and non stop (probably they did :mrgreen:) I think she had a good point! Getting too excited over Christmas and too early at that, certainly spoils all the fun. Like this year for example. Galway city got festively decorated in the very beginning of November. WHAT THE CRAIC?! Beginning of November!? Am I the only one that finds it a bit early? Halloween decorations were still on […]