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Connemara – webs, fog and permanent drizzle

One morning, a couple of weeks ago, we hit the bog roads of Connemara to walk the dogs when we discovered that overnight the countryside must have been overtaken by spiders. We were shocked by the amount of cobwebs that literally covered the gorse bushes everywhere in sight. I am not sure what exactly happened or where all those spiders came from but they spun those webs with the speed of light. Believe me or not but every single gorse bush was wrapped in webs. Thick, sparkly, Connemara webs. It was absolutely fantastic walking along the road through the white softness of the fog, enjoying the hushed silence and staring at […]

Every glimpse of Summer

Originally posted on NATURE WALKER:
The summer is here and I have to admit I do love this season. With every step I take on the winding country roads I wish it will never end. This is why I never go out without my camera these days even if I end up with too many images to convert… I want to capture every feeling, every glimpse of summer…

rain falling from thatched roof

June Rain

Enjoying the lovely June rain in the countryside by Annie Japaud Photography

The Many Faces of the Sourdough bread 🍞

Ok, my computer 💻 is busted again so guess what!? I will have to make my post from my phone and here I have mainly photos 📷 from work. Enjoy from White Gables, Cafe, bakery, and gift shop So I decided to show you the many faces of the Sourdough bread 🍞 I make early every morning. I like variety and since monotony just kills me, to amuse myself I like to make the Sourdough bread 🍞 look different. For example on Valentine’s day I make hearts 💕, on bank holidays – smiley faces and so on….the fun is endless PS you can find those lovely 😍 sourdough breads freshly made […]

Happy Easter🐰

Another Easter is here and almost over (since I am not working tomorrow) and my way of saying Happy Easter to you is by showing what I have been up to all week. All the cakes are made and photographed by me :mrgreen:🍰🐰 I hope you were all good and the Easter bunny 🐰 gave you a few chocolate eggs.

crocus © Annie Japaud Photography

Time for Spring

You know what?! I am tired of defrosting the car every morning before going to work!! Or of the wind howling outside the windows while the rain rattles the roof so loud that it keeps us awake at night!! I say, it is time for spring!! We are ready to welcome the sun. We can not wait for the daffodils to bloom and the trees to adorn their lovely garments of white and pink fluff. Comoooooon, I say, we are waiting, for the good weather!!

Where has the blue sky gone?!?!??!!!

I am sure I am not the only one that keeps opening the weather app hoping to see a smiling sun and a break in the clouds. Honestly, what is happening with the weather?!? I don’t mind a bit of rain and I really don’t care much if it is a bit cloudy but it’s the horrid wind that is killing me!! Actually most of my best photos I have taken in bad weather or drizzling rain. It really makes a difference in the colours in nature and the sparkling raindrops sure spruce up everything and make it classy. But hey, I am not in the mood to describe the positive […]

Craving for sunlight

While another storm breaks loose outside and I am huddling under my blanket with the tip of my nose freezing and my hands feeling like a piece of ice, I realise I am craving for sunlight badly. You would say, what about the other day, it was so nice and sunny… Well, I was working and didn’t see any of it so it doesn’t count. Here is another gust of wind 🍃 running over the roof and shaking the windows like a maniac.  I really don’t like the sound of that!! Well, I suppose I can’t really complain, we had a great September, good October,  and not too bad November. It’s […]

colourful leaves on the ground, red shoes

Galway in the Rain

The weather has been so horribly bad for the last week it was simply impossible to do anything outdoors. I am not going to even mention a casual stroll with a camera in hand, not when there is a yellow weather warning for everyone to stay indoors and keep the shutters bolted. Not when it keeps hailing every few hours – big hard balls of ice that the wind drives into the face with particularly unpleasant force!! Not when everything that is a bit loose and forgotten somewhere in the garden starts flying happily around  – you can simply forget about it!! It’s been a hell of a week and apparently it […]