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AsylRoom – Escape in Galway! – Original concept for an ice-braking activities in Galway!


Leaving Cert 2015 Galway Style

31 hundred students received their leaving cert results across Galway today and we met some very happy campers celebrating in true Galway style down by the Corrib! Best of luck lads from The CRAIC in Galway!

The Galway Gamer- AMC Awareness

by Spud Murphy   It’s all about competition, isn’t it? It’s about two people going head to head to prove who is the better player, or teams taking each other on to out-smart, out-speed, or simply out-play the opposition. Gaming can be fast, frantic and even brutal at times, as everyone wants to lay claim to the top spot, and nobody wants to lose. However, behind these players’ stern poker faces and in-depth jargon, there’s a huge amount of heart and generosity. Proof of this was seen in spades lately at the Galway City’s gaming leg of the AMC Awareness Day.   AMC- Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita- is a condition that limits […]

Do you want to design games?

Pulse College  If you have a passion for games development, with creative flair and technical aptitude, Pulse College Galway can equip you with the professional skills required to enter this innovative, rapidly-growing industry! More on the Galway courses available here Our Open Event will provide the perfect opportunity for you to speak to tutors and staff about our Games courses, find out about career paths and explore our facilities. Next Open Event – Sat 18th July 11am Campus: 1st Floor, Geata Na Cathracha, Fairgreen Road, Galway

Galway Gamer – Feeling Board?

The Galway Gamer- Feeling Board? By Spud Murphy.  In light of the recent International Tabletop Day, an event which saw gamers all over the world getting together at selected venues to play some of their favourite non-video games, it seems like a great time to get involved in Galway’s busy tabletop and board game scene. You see, not all gaming happens through consoles; there is a much older way of playing against or alongside your friends without the use of electronic devices which is equally as popular around the city.   There is a huge amount of different games styles involved in these games, from fun little pick-up-and-play card games like […]

GALWAY GAMER – The Trench by Spud Murphy

The Galway Gamer- Trench by Spud Murphy.   This city has always been known for its perpetual stream of creativity, from musicians and poets to artists and all manner of street performers. Another brand of creative minds can be found in the indie game development scene where a local team, known as Howling Hamster, have excelled with the demo of their upcoming game, Trench.   The game has been created by the three man operation and revolves around the theme of deep sea exploration, where the player takes control of a small submarine and must fight to survive against swarms of aquatic aliens along the ocean’s bed. These enemies range from […]