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Inspire Fitness – How To Live Your Best Life

Jessica wasn’t always healthy and happy and battled with her own issues which took her a while to overcome them. Now, she couldn’t imagine a life without exercise and a healthy routine.


8 Galweigians locked in shipping container with water to drink only!

To raise awareness of Migration issues within Europe are the Giddy Biddy Collective presenting Infinity – a social awareness installation project which is taking place for 24 hours since this morning 18/09/2015 as part of Galway City Culture Night.      Eight volunteers are locked inside 20 foot shipping container with only water to drink and a portable loo for waste, simulating the conditions experienced by the victims of migration. People on the street can watch the group surviving 24 hours in extreme conditions on the screen attached to container. 

I’m Not Myself, You See…

He’s not himself, you see, well, he is himself but he isn’t. He was himself and still is, but now I’m gone. So if I’m there, where am I?

#FreeRunning Galway

Dan Vavruška #FreeRunner Galway? From Pardubice Czech Republic… Freerunning (or free running) is an acrobatic and athletic discipline founded by Sébastien Foucan, who wrote a book on the subject. Foucan started what he termed “freerunning” in 2003, which he developed as a more inclusive form of parkour.[1] Parkour’s development from military obstacle course training gives it and freerunning some aspects of a non-combative martial art.

Menlo Village in Galway attracts Mayors from California

Catherine Carlton, Mayor of Menlo Park city in California’s Silicone Valley, paid a visit to Menlo Village in Galway last Saturday morning. Mayor Carlton is currently holidaying in Ireland with her husband and is the 2nd Mayor of Menlo Park city to visit and enjoy the hidden beauty of the village on the shores of the Corrib. In December 2013, the then Mayor Peter Ohtaki also visited. “We’re united by so much more than what divides us,” said Ms. Carlton shortly after she was appointed in Dec of last year. When asked her first impressions of Galway, the Mayor said she loves it but what makes the city so special is the people.  Friday […]

Galway’s annual Pride Festival August 13th to16th, is packed to the rafters this year!!

Galway’s annual Pride Festival August 13th to16th, is packed to the rafters this year!!

@GTR_fm Community Radio in Galway got great support at first meeting today…

First of many Galway Tribal Radio @GTR_fm volunteer meet-ups planned in the Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture hub took place today! Six dozens of volunteers ready to support the Comunity Radio project showed this evening to discuss possibilities with the project creator Gary Vaughan and others involved and community leaders as Mayor of City Galway Cllr. Frank Fahy. As Gary said “This is the first real step towards the City having a truly free and independent media source run by the Community it serves.” The theme of the meeting was the radio as a non-for-profit, free & independent media, that’s mission is to empower, educate & entertain our culturally diverse […]

A Fat-bike Adventure on the Wild Atlantic Way

A Fat-bike Adventure on the Wild Atlantic Way Words &pictures by William o Connor Baking in the sun outside the ‘Rusty Mackerel’ a picture perfect pub in a forgotten corner of south west Donegal on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, I watch as the owner of the pub spins past on Garry’s fatbike. “I am cruising” he shouts , cigarette in mouth. Sometimes days and experiences come along that you know will last forever. The ones you will try to recreate without success. The owner flies by in the opposite direction ‘Still cruising’ he shouts gleefully, cigarette still in mouth. The pint in front of me is going down easier than the […]

All Ghosts Sound A Bit Welsh in ‘Rubby Room’ – The Craic with David O’Doherty

By Avril HORAN For comedian David O’Doherty, all ghosts “sound a bit Welsh”.  We uncover this fascinating tidbit at a comedy show held in the King’s Head Ruby Room as part of the Galway International Arts Festival. His unique style of stand-up has won him international acclaim, and we had an opportunity to chat with him before he took tested out new material on the “lab rats” at this lunchtime event.   Naturally I open with the question what’s the Craic? “It’s a tricky word,” he says, “and its very often used to describe terrible things – ‘we were only having the craic’ when someone has just taken your bed and […]

A President’s Tribute

President Michael D Higgins was among those who paid a fond and heartfelt tribute to the late Tom Feeney – President of St Patrick’s Brass Band – at a special memorial concert held in his honour in July. Tom was known for his love of music, his renowned music collection and as a strong fundraising advocate for Galway’s historic band, which has taken part in every St Patrick’s Day Parade in Galway since 1903, played for Presidents Kennedy and Reagan, and for the visit of Pope John Paul II. Born in Galway in 1927, Tom moved to England before returning to Ireland in the 1960s. Using his experience with the Royal […]