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I love being outdoors, I love hiking and walking, and since I love taking photos most of all, everything fits together perfectly...

Connemara – webs, fog and permanent drizzle

One morning, a couple of weeks ago, we hit the bog roads of Connemara to walk the dogs when we discovered that overnight the countryside must have been overtaken by spiders. We were shocked by the amount of cobwebs that literally covered the gorse bushes everywhere in sight. I am not sure what exactly happened or where all those spiders came from but they spun those webs with the speed of light. Believe me or not but every single gorse bush was wrapped in webs. Thick, sparkly, Connemara webs. It was absolutely fantastic walking along the road through the white softness of the fog, enjoying the hushed silence and staring at […]

Sorry We Missed You

Today I found out that my family and I, we are not alone in our suffering and frustration. Why, you ask.. Well, we have been living without landline and Wi-Fi at home for 7 months. It is the 21st century and we do live in the digital age but apparently this does not affect the way the phone company here in Ireland operates. ( Eir, or as we still remember it Eircom) I have several blogs which took a major nose dive because of this “little” problem. Not being able to upload regularly and less interaction with fellow bloggers, really brings down the popularity of a blog. My work as a […]

Every glimpse of Summer

Originally posted on NATURE WALKER:
The summer is here and I have to admit I do love this season. With every step I take on the winding country roads I wish it will never end. This is why I never go out without my camera these days even if I end up with too many images to convert… I want to capture every feeling, every glimpse of summer…

Calling all short story writers !

Calling all short story writers ! Here is your opportunity to see your work in print in the Galway, Mayo and/or Athlone Advertiser group. What we require from you, in this collaborative venture between theGalway Advertiser Group and The Galway Review online is the following A short story not exceeding 1500 – 1800 words located in counties Galway, Mayo, Westmeath or Roscommon i.e. a locality. A short biography (not more than 100 words) of you the writer along with a headshot photograph. An understanding that your submission will not generate a fee, but (subject to the success of the venture) may be eligible for a winner’s prize and may also be […]

rain falling from thatched roof

June Rain

Enjoying the lovely June rain in the countryside by Annie Japaud Photography

Aughnanure castle

Did you know that today is the first Wednesday of the month which means admission to all OPW Heritage Sites (with the exception of Kilmainham Gaol) is FREE!!?? I was amazed to find out that we have so many heritage sites in our beautiful Galway county. One of the nearest and most amazing places to for me is Aughnanure castle. Believe me, today is the day, drop what you are doing and head on N59 towards Oughterard, Aughnanure castle is just before, right next to the golf course. But if you feel adventurous, why not also visit other beautiful heritage sites our county has to offer? These include Portumna Castle, Athenry […]

My Connemara May Bank Holiday Walk

I have to say that when I woke up at 5.30am this morning and I heard the rain dancing on the roof, I didn’t really feel that inspired to walk the dogs. A few hot cups of coffee later I donned my rain gear and I was ready to go. When you have a couple of huge boxer dogs waiting for you impatiently in the other room you have no time to waste. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I put my nose out and I found out it had actually stooped raining. Yay!! And this is how me and the boys, we had the perfect Connemara May Bank Holiday Walk. Have […]

The Many Faces of the Sourdough bread 🍞

Ok, my computer 💻 is busted again so guess what!? I will have to make my post from my phone and here I have mainly photos 📷 from work. Enjoy from White Gables, Cafe, bakery, and gift shop So I decided to show you the many faces of the Sourdough bread 🍞 I make early every morning. I like variety and since monotony just kills me, to amuse myself I like to make the Sourdough bread 🍞 look different. For example on Valentine’s day I make hearts 💕, on bank holidays – smiley faces and so on….the fun is endless PS you can find those lovely 😍 sourdough breads freshly made […]

Happy Easter🐰

Another Easter is here and almost over (since I am not working tomorrow) and my way of saying Happy Easter to you is by showing what I have been up to all week. All the cakes are made and photographed by me :mrgreen:🍰🐰 I hope you were all good and the Easter bunny 🐰 gave you a few chocolate eggs.

Daffodils for Daffodil day 2016

Daffodil Day 2016

It is Daffodil Day. You might wonder what exactly does that mean?! Well, On Daffodil Day thousands of volunteers around Ireland hold events and sell daffodils to fund free, nationwide services for people living with cancer. It is as simple as that. It is logical, at least for me to support this cause since there is hardly a living person you know that doesn’t have a relative who hasn’t died from cancer. And you know what, the less there is the better Come and support Daffodil Day at the White Gables in Moycullen, there will be tea and cakes for everyone

crocus © Annie Japaud Photography

Time for Spring

You know what?! I am tired of defrosting the car every morning before going to work!! Or of the wind howling outside the windows while the rain rattles the roof so loud that it keeps us awake at night!! I say, it is time for spring!! We are ready to welcome the sun. We can not wait for the daffodils to bloom and the trees to adorn their lovely garments of white and pink fluff. Comoooooon, I say, we are waiting, for the good weather!!

Where has the blue sky gone?!?!??!!!

I am sure I am not the only one that keeps opening the weather app hoping to see a smiling sun and a break in the clouds. Honestly, what is happening with the weather?!? I don’t mind a bit of rain and I really don’t care much if it is a bit cloudy but it’s the horrid wind that is killing me!! Actually most of my best photos I have taken in bad weather or drizzling rain. It really makes a difference in the colours in nature and the sparkling raindrops sure spruce up everything and make it classy. But hey, I am not in the mood to describe the positive […]

Between the showers

Galway today, between the showers and the occasional sunny spells ☔ It is so easy to forget what the blue skies are all about but then the sun shows up and the bad stuff is all forgotten. I am hoping that the sun will stay smiling ☺ for longer this time.

Galway sunset over Claddagh quay

What better time to roam Galway city than when the sun is setting on a wild and stormy day. Imagine, the clouds are dancing across the sky, lead by the usual persistent wind. The sun is just peaking through a symphony of colours and shades for a few minutes to let me capture the gorgeous reflections in the windows across the river, and I feel lucky and content that I was with my camera at the right time and at the right place. Nothing better than that. Galway sunset over the Claddagh. PERFECT. Best place for a walk with a camera in hand.

Christmas cookies

Christmas Temptations

We all secretly know that at the end of the day, Christmas is all about the food and getting together with the family.. Well, and about the presents of course. I suppose it depends how old you are. There is that bit about spending tonnes of money as well. Some people like that, mind you. Imagine, we all spend so much money for something that goes out in a flash and with a bang in about 24 hours. Fantastic, isn’t it?! So to tease you a little bit I give my selection of scrumptious Christmas images.   Nothing like a feast for the eyes, especially when Christmas is literally just around the […]