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Delicious Dining at TGO Falafel Bar – By Food Photographer Sita O’Driscoll

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Vegetarian and vegan food prepared with ethics and care. The Gourmet Offensive or better known as TGO Falafel has been trading on the Galway Market since 2005. They made a name with their falafel both locally and nationally. Last year TGO opened a falafel bar which is located on Mary Street in Galway, where they offer a much broader range of delicious vegetarian and vegan food. It is a must try for anyone to experience quality vegetarian and vegan cuisine. The atmosphere is casual and friendly, with the option to take out or eat in their cosy dining area upstairs.  ? http://www.sitaodriscoll,com

Floating World Books Exhibition opening at Galway City Gallery this Saturday

The aim of Floating World is to find ways for artists to disseminate their ideas as widely as possible using the medium of artists books. Glenn Holman and Andy Parsons initiated the project in 2003, and have asked more Artists to contribute and collaborate over the years. Recently, Floating World has used the Artist Book as a catalyst for complex participatory projects, ranging form the renovation of a derelict house into an Arts Centre to the creation of a book of insights into Samuel Beckett. Floating Worlds books have been seen in a variety of contexts, from a disused Pharmacy in Sligo – to Tate Modern. Holman and Parsons are developing […]

Reggae legend Jah Shaka to hit Irish soil

Reggae legend Jah Shaka to hit Irish soil for an exclusive performance at the Commercial Boat club in Galway, presented by Rootical Soundsystem this Saturday. Rootical Sounsystem is renowned for hosting famous reggae and dub artists in Galway for many years now. They recently presented amongst others Aba Shanti-I, Mala and Channel One Soundsystem, which puts Galway on the map within this genre.                   Jah Shaka, also known as the Zulu Warrior, is a legendary reggae/dub soundsystem operator and producer. Based in the UK, he has been operating his sound since the mid-1970s. In the 1980s, he was famous for keeping up his roots and culture […]

Euphoria – a state of being or happiness

“Over the last few years Sita O’Driscoll has documented the underground music scene in the west of Ireland, a place more commonly known for its traditional and live music. The themes in this series are depictions of love/connection, transgressive moments and a sense of collective euphoria sought out and experienced in an almost tribal manner.” A small part of this project will be exhibited with Galway Fringe festival alongside others in the Columban Hall, Sea Rd, from the 9th until the 25th of July. Galway Fringe: