Month: November 2019

‘Are You Ready for Galway 2020 Craic?’ | Vox-pop 360 in the Claddagh Quay

Galway is becoming the Capital of Culture in Europe 2020 | For the ‘Craic’ we took an opportunity to talk to the strangers around Claddagh Quay and managed the spherical Vox-Pop ‘ARE YOU READY FOR GALWAY2020 CRAIC?’ Turning one autumn 2019 suny afternoon into the piece of my #VR360 videography reflecting the feelings of random voxpopers ready to face reality of the #Galway2020 #Craic…

Macnas 2019 on Salmon Weir in Galway 360

Galway’s own magical street spectacle of Macnas as captured on Salmon Weir Bridge starting their 2019 Halloween Show | Background Music by a busker from the 1st November 2019 evening in Shop street