Armorica opened officially in Oranmore. New management, updated every detail of the gastro business at the beginning of the Main Street of the town. New name, new decor, new style, new menu and the very new spirit of the restaurant, following the most recent French movement of a Bistronomy.

New Owners Nicholas and Natasha believe a combination of the Bistro and Gastro is the way for a sparkle in the dining scene of East Galway.

The first official bistro style evening in Armorica with delicious canapes, wine and musical entertainment by Blues artists, Alex de Vree & Erwan le Fichant. Mighty Craic…

Armorica opened officialy in Oranmore.  Photo by Darius Ivan

Photo by Darius Ivan

Introduction to Armorica’s Bistronomy basics and targets in Oranmore by Natasha:


A little bit about ourselves….

Armorica Restaurant is located on Main Street Oranmore, Galway. The premises consist of an intimate but open dining space with street view, a beautiful conservatory with garden views, some outdoor seating , and also includes parking out the back.
To tell you a bit about the name, Armorica is a place by the sea. From the insular Celtic language (ar, “on,” and mor, “sea”). Armorica is the ancient name for the North Western extremity of Gaul, now Brittany. In Celtic times Armorica also included the Western part of what later became Normandy.

Our ethos:

Bistronomy (a combination of the words bistro and gastronomy) is a French movement in dining. It is represented by a new breed of gastro-bistros, run by creative young chefs with formidable haute cuisine training, who serve honest food at gentle prices. It is all about enjoying quality ingredients and superb cooking in a warm, friendly environment. Every chef has their own vision. Like an artist who paints, they have their own way of connecting with locality, culture, and people through their food – their canvas.

Its core values include a commitment to using the freshest, most sustain’able produced and locally sourced ingredients to provide an extraordinary food experience. The chef will surprise you with unexpected flavour combinations, the friendly floor staff will be looking after you with extreme care and the wine list will satisfy the most demanding patrons.
Armorica Restaurant is a suitable spot for a romantic meal, a night out with friends, plenty of space for a private dinner party or you could even reserve a quiet area for an important business or conference meeting. We are currently renovating the surrounding building, which we hope to have open as accommodation from June!


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