Apple’s commitment to renewable energy was applauded by activist organisation Greenpeace. Samsung, Huawei, and Microsoft now need to catch up, the organisation said.
Siri, iMessage and other cloud-based applications are processed at Apple’s data centres. The company has five data centers in the US, which are all powered by renewable energy. The two new data centres in Europe are expected to come online this year.

All of Apple’s data centres are operated on renewable energy, and that’s a goal Apple is chasing for all its facilities. About 96% of Apple’s facilities worldwide are now run on renewable energy, the company said.

Animation Captured VR360 on the site where tech giant planed to build 850 mil Data Center Run on Renewable Energy

Galway Bay fm newsroom – One of the objectors and to Apple’s planned data centre in Athenry has lodged an objection to another data centre in Dublin.

Athenry engineer, Allan Daly is opposed to the 850 million euro development planned by Apple.
According to Irish Independent, he has now objected to a 1 billion euro data centre by Amazon in Dublin.

Allan Daly argues that permission for the planned development by Amazon at Mulhuddart in Dublin should not be granted until the company outlines how much energy will be used on the campus.

The twists and turns of Apple’s data centre plans

By Barrister and County Councillor James Charity in Galway Independent’s edition from Wednesday, 22nd March,


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