The Best Irish Led Zeppelin Tribute rocking the home stage for the first time in 2017. ‘No Stairway’ Live with great energy, vocals, guitar solo performed by bow and ecstatic base and drums just like you’d expect from the legends and at the same time from the local formation as Captured in Monroe’s Live

Experience the full 360 reality of No Stairway at here

Full Photo Report on google photos here:

After a stellar 2016 gigging up and down the country, the lads are excited to be back in their hometown, ready to play all the hits you know and love.

Comprised of 4 musicians with a great love of the band, they aim to recreate Zeppelin’s live presence and studio albums as faithfully as possible. From Plant’s soaring vocals, Bonham’s thunderous drums, Jone’s multitasking, to Page’s blistering guitar work; all the parts are treated with the respect they deserve!

Having formed in 2013, they are constantly adding to the set list, and are determined to play a ridiculous amount of Zeppelin’s back catalogue. Expect all the classic tunes, and even some that Zeppelin themselve’s rarely, if ever, performed live!

No Stairway are here to remind you that Led Zeppelin are the greatest rock band ever, so come on down…it’s gonna be a night of Rock n’ Roll not to be missed!!

…bringing the swagger and riffs that has seen this music endure since the 1970s.

…every solo, drum beat and bass line in place. Lead singer Steven Sharpe makes the songs his own, and hits those high notes like a boss. Rocking!
Totally Galway

Next time this band plays in Galway I highly recommend you check them out… they are world class.

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