The aim of Floating World is to find ways for artists to disseminate their ideas as widely as possible using the medium of artists books. Glenn Holman and Andy Parsons initiated the project in 2003, and have asked more Artists to contribute and collaborate over the years. Recently, Floating World has used the Artist Book as a catalyst for complex participatory projects, ranging form the renovation of a derelict house into an Arts Centre to the creation of a book of insights into Samuel Beckett.

Floating Worlds books have been seen in a variety of contexts, from a disused Pharmacy in Sligo – to Tate Modern. Holman and Parsons are developing more projects in this vein over the next few years. Initially the artists invited to contribute a book were chosen to reflect the wide variety of contemporary practice from Sarah Carne whose work is performative and video based to Edwin Aitken who works primarily in painting. For all the artists involved, creating a book became an absorbing and challenging research project. On a practical level this project involved the sharing of expertise with other artists unused to both the more traditional bookbinding and printmaking processes and with some of the difficulties entailed in producing work digitally. Each of the books made for Floating World is a discrete and autonomous piece of work, which although linked to each artists ongoing area of investigation is nonetheless an artwork in its own right. Each of the pieces are rich and personal works that unfold in the viewers mind in the same way as a piece of literature creates a world into which the reader can step.

Exhibition opens Saturday 19th of November at seven and it runs until the 10th of December.

Galway City Gallery New Dock Street, Galway, Ireland
Gallery opening Times: Tue – Fri 10 – 4 & Sat 11 – 3


*All images provided by Floating World Books.



Posted by Sita O'Driscoll Photography

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