There’s a woman, a fat man with alarmingly high-waisted trousers and it certainly appears that there will be violence. Breach & Quinn’s SCORE featuring a mystery guest performer to play the hypnotic and dangerous Lena comes to Galway to take a part on Galway Theatre Festival 2016. Atmospheric, musically dazzling, murky, trip of a show is written and performed by Alan Howley, Jack Cawley and Kevin McGee.

According to Alan Howley, best known from playing Eohgan O’Brien in RTE’s Fair City, It’s a great show – an homage to Film noir, full of fantastic original music played live throughout the show. We were a hit during last year’s Tiger Dublin Fringe. After Galway we’re off to Cologne for Theaterszene Europa Festival.”

• SCORE premiered in Project Arts Centre in September 2016 as part of Tiger Dublin Fringe.

• In Feb 2016 SCORE was part of the Pitch Sessions at PuSh International Performing Arts Festival in Vancouver.

• In May 2016 SCORE will be seen in Theatreszene Europa Festival, Cologne and the Galway Theatre Festival.

“Breach and Quinn rise like a phoenix from the flames, and their smoky storytelling makes for an overnight success”

“SCORE was a sleeper success in the 2015 Tiger Dublin Fringe, the kind of work that sneaks up on you. Jack Cawley and Alan Howley are two of Dublin’s most sought after collaborators, it’s great to see them striking out on their own.” Kris Nelson, Festival Director, Tiger Dublin Fringe.

“Absolutely loved Breach & Quinn’s SCORE. Playful, funny and such beautiful music. Simultaneously a love letter to and a parody of a genre. Fab” Lara Hickey, Associate Producer, Abbey Theatre.

“Crossing genre, discipline and form, SCORE is compelling and intriguing” Joyce Rosario, Associate Curator, PuSh International Performing Arts Festival, Vancouver.



Posted by Darius Ivan

Journalist, Photographer and Designer VR360 content creator

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