Ceannt 1916 Memorial Plaque reinstatement tomorrow Thursday 4th February at the Mechanics Institute in Galway

Éamonn Ceannt Action Group

The plaque dedicated to Éamonn Ceannt, which has been missing from the façade of Ceannt Railway Station, has turned up after four years. Despite repeated inquiries on the issue to both CIE and the City Council from the citizens of Galway, several 1916 committees and some Galway City Councillors, the plaque, its whereabouts and the reasons for its disappearance remained a mystery. The Éamonn Ceannt Galway Action Committee has learned that Galway City Council advised councillors that the plaque was removed due to the monetary value of the bronze amid fears it might be stolen. The City Council also said that they didn’t know where the plaque was and that they had been advised by CIE that the plaque was an insurance hazard as someone might look up at the plaque on the station façade, trip over, fall and sue them.

Subsequently members of the Éamonn Ceannt Galway Action Committee requested a meeting with CIE representatives at Ceannt Station. After a few phone calls, this morning we met with the Station Master of Ceannt Station who was both co-operative and generous with his time. He explained that …

Petition here: The immediate reinstatement of the Ceannt 1916 Memorial Plaque – Petitions24.com


Posted by Darius Ivan

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