No Stairway are back!

Ireland’s best Led Zeppelin tribute band are back in Monroe’s Live, today Friday the 10th of March!

Playing all the tunes you know, and most of the ones you don’t, No Stairway attempt to recreate the stage presence of Zeppelin at their best. From Page’s blistering guitar work, and Plant’s soaring vocals; to Jones’ multitasking, and Bonham’s thunderous drums; all the parts are treated with the respect they deserve.

The Craic music correspondent The VIBE was at the No Stairway gig in Monroe’s last year!

Stairway to No Stairway 

In the tribute band world, Led Zeppelin are one of the hardest bands to emulate, largely due to Robert Plants incredible theatrical wailing vocals and Jimmy Pages unique approach to guitar solos.

I climb the stairway of Monroe’s Live venue to check out Galway based Zeppelin tribute band No Stairway. The band members come from different musical backgrounds and influences, when these guys get together as No Stairway the results are incredible.

1025676_417448221723531_660802616_oThe lead singer completely captures Robert Plants’ octave soaring voice with great detail at the same time with total ease, he also had his postures and moves choreographed like a well drilled understudy. The large crowd seemed astonished at this singer’s ability from Black Dog to a Whole Lotta Love – everyone trying to position themselves to get the best view of the band. 


The lead guitarist played Jimmy Pages mix a Lydian rock scales with the same spider hand technique every note and bend could be heard. No stairway do it as it says on the tin meaning they don’t play Stairway to Heaven. I was hoping they would, although the song is a rock cliché it is still a masterpiece and I would love to see what justice this band could bring to it.


No Stairway with the help of the EQ wizard soundman Ed Kenehan, gave everyone a fantastic Led Zeppelin audio experience. Next time this band plays in Galway I highly recommend you check them out. This band should be touring Europe they are world class.


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