Happy 2016 Galway when flying around list time over Arran IslandsInishmore we have noticed there is nothing more interesting further west. Landing in Galway for Brand New Year of the CRAIC again. There is history of civilisation here recorded 3,500 years before St. Pat hit the ground and sent the snakes to discover new world for expanding ideas from Europe and dismiss the civilisation forming in America until 1492. Happy New Year based on roots of the most western place which the oldest civilisation expanding over EuroAzia found the reason to stay and have some CRAIC! With regards Darius Ivan and the team of the CRAIC.

‘Inishmore’ – The West Edge of The EastEnd of The World. – There is Brand New Year 2016 coming out today. Galway, worlds friendliest city of culture and tribes is just one step back to Europe acros the bay.  Civilisation expanding from Mezopotamia (today’s Iran and Syria) across the EuroAzia found reason to settle here on the end of the world more than 3,000 years before St. Patrick hit the cliff hard at Ballycastle and delegated all snakes to find their way to America and dismiss civilisation forming their face there across the Atlantic. Happy New Year and great CRAIC tonight! Photo by Darius Ivan


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