PUZZLE Galway are a collective creature of the night …

“We have begun to develop in ways only the Dark strange world or Neurofunk and relentless drum and bass can fulfill. We are here to link you with upcoming Irish djs and producers as well as our own events and links to artists within this very distinctive genre. The Internet is a maze of nonsense and we are but the PUZZLE…Come in find your piece and you shall become amazed by our pretty lights and liquid dreams. ♥”


Worked with :
PANDA DUB – 6th JUN (Odgprod), MISANTHROP – 18th APR (Neosignal), JOE FORD -7th Mar (Shogun Audio), SKOPE (Omni Temple), SHAMANIC TECHNOLOGY (Omni Temple), Zenji(Omni Temple), Welfare (JungleBoogie!), Teknonotice(Irish Underground Sounds), Badhabit (Energy.Collective), Quality Mark (Energy.Collective), Seriaz(DubDerGutenHoffNung), Man-G (World Bass Culture), Spetz(World Bass Culture), Zanmato(Phunty+Zigguratt), Jasper (Kinetika), Sicklysweet (Sub-X), Whatch (Black Lip BASS), Rozie Loopz(Bak to old Skool), Destitute(Subversion Soundsystem), Badmandeego (JungleBoogie!), Wendy(3 Skin Bass), Ninja Tips (Seismic)
Fauxism (Call Me Native)

See Full Facebook Album from Puzzle at The CELLAR 14/11/2015 by Sita Photography here

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