‘Visage de Petit ROUGE 2016’ – Meet the faces of Rouge Restaurant in Galway! Vote for your favourite Le Petit Rouge look! Photos by Darius Ivan

Galway based journalist and photographer Darius  Ivan is known as the man supplying the CRAIC with quality social and nightlife photography from out and about in Galway. This time he had the chance to meet the staff of Rouge Restaurant on Dominick Street. Rouge is well known for it’s tasty simplicity and French hospitality. Steak or fish and a glass of wine served with the charm of a French garson will have you coming back for more time and time again! Darius had the unique opportunity to capture the soul of the place with its own people whilst introducing  Rouge’s very own newly launched, bottle of red wine.

Visages de Petit Rouge features 15 people and one ‘Small  Red’ object to play with at the same table in the restaurant. “After consultation with Laurent (owner of Rouge), who had a clear idea about the final photo job presentation, I had 7 hours to do the work and capture the moment of joy while keeping  an eye on detail to make everyone to look as natural as possible. We had half an hour for each shot and I enjoyed every moment of it and believe the final result reflects the spirit of Rouge,” explains Darius of the project.

A strip of 16 black frames with B&W prints by davittphoto.ie at Salthill now resides on the red arched wall to the front of the restaurant. With smart lighting designed by Laurent the exhibition pops out as one not to be missed.

You are welcome to the official opening in Rouge, Wednesday 9th December at 5 pm. The CRAIC in Galway will also simultaneously introduce its 2016 ‘MEDIA PACK’ bringing you their own unique blend of online and print marketing. A night not to be missed!

In the mean time take a look at the pictures online and please vote for your favourite ‘Visage de Petit ROUGE’ here:






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