Galway band, The Deans, are set to launch their new EP, Supply & Command, in Paris on December 1st, 2015, London on December 19th and back home to Roisin Dubh in Galway on December 27th.  It’s the next step for the all-terrain rock band, who won the US based Unsigned Only music competition in 2013 – judged by the likes of Iggy Pop, Tom Waits and Black Francis. We caught up with Gavin Dean (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards and harmonica), Ronan Lally (bass and vocals) and Gari Keon (drums and vocals) to find out more about this made in Galway band.

By Avril Horan


Gavin Dean, Ronan Lally and Gary Keon – The Deans by Carole Epinette


The Deans.

Age: Combined Age of 76.

From: Around.

Family: Yes.

Favorite food: Falafel.

Loves: Falafel.

Single, Attached, It’s Complicated! You said it.

Is the glass half empty or half full? It’s a beautiful glass.

When did you become a musician?

Hard to pin down the exact date but I’d say about 7 to 10 to 6 years ago now.

Tell us about the new EP – Supply &Command?

It features five tracks including our recently released single, ‘Take it Easy’ as well as other tunes our listeners might know from our gigs, such as ‘Boom Boom Man’ and ‘Cain And Able’. We recorded between IMW Studios, London and a disused hotel near Paris.

Are you launching in Paris because it is so romantic?

Yes, that’s exactly why. And because, much like Galway, we have a solid fan base there.  It’s a perfect place to begin our Supply & Command tour.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items, or people would you bring?

Mark Boyle’s latest book ‘Drinking Molotov Cocktails With Gandhi’, a guitar, pen and paper (that’s four items, but the pen came with the paper)

Favorite place to socialize in Galway:

The Nook in Athenry is a great spot. Also, Bell Book and Candle is a great place to hang out and find records. In fact, our new EP will be available in both establishments, as well as online.

My ambition, in time, become masters of what we do.

The Deans new E.P. is available at:
It will also be available on all download and streaming sites.
In France you can pick up a copy at Gibert Musique on Boulevard St. Michel, Paris.
Also very soon it will be available at The Nook in Athenry, and Bell Book and Candle in Galway, Ireland.



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