While another storm breaks loose outside and I am huddling under my blanket with the tip of my nose freezing and my hands feeling like a piece of ice, I realise I am craving for sunlight badly.
You would say, what about the other day, it was so nice and sunny… Well, I was working and didn’t see any of it so it doesn’t count.
Here is another gust of wind 🍃 running over the roof and shaking the windows like a maniac.  I really don’t like the sound of that!!
Well, I suppose I can’t really complain, we had a great September, good October,  and not too bad November. It’s practically December anyway,  it was bound to get ugly at some point.
It’s snowing in most places in Europe, all we have is a bit of wind and a spot of rain and here I am rubbing it in…

So, to make everyone feel better I have a few photos, basking in sunlight and gold, taken one amazing morning while walking the hills of Connemara with my dogs and my camera. Enjoy.









Thanks for being here.


Posted by Annie Japaud Photography

I love being outdoors, I love hiking and walking, and since I love taking photos most of all, everything fits together perfectly...

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