City of Tribes joins five other cities – Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Melbourne and Sydney – in major International Expansion Phase

November 24th 2015: Deliveroo (, the on-demand food delivery service that brings high-quality restaurant meals to your door in an average 30 minutes, officially launched its services in Galway. We’ve got McCambridge’s Sandwich to our door as a tasty little surprise this afternoon for a great first impression with Deliveroo. 


The Galway launch follows Deliveroo’s successful roll out to Dublin and Cork, and is part of the company’s rapid $100m international expansion phase, with €22m additional investment recently secured in Series B round funding by Irish entrepreneurs, including Dylan Collins of Hoxton Ventures.

Deliveroo has embarked on recruiting 30 drivers for its Galway hub, with ten of Galway City’s top restaurants already signed up to deliver meals through Deliveroo’s home-delivery service, including McCambridges, Hooked, Creole and The Dough Bros.

Deliveroo also issued an international business update today, announcing that the service will be launched in five additional new cities, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Melbourne and Sydney, marking its first foray outside Europe. The company has raised a $100 million Series D investment, enabling Deliveroo to feed increasing consumer demand and fuel further international expansion. The round was led by DST Global and Greenoaks Capital with participation from existing investors Accel, Hummingbird Ventures and Index Ventures.

Unlike the majority of food delivery businesses that act as marketplaces for takeaway restaurants, Deliveroo partners with high-end restaurants and cafés that don’t typically offer delivery, opening up a whole new world of choice for locals. Deliveroo handles all the end-to-end food delivery operations, with its own drivers and customer support, so restaurant operators can benefit from maximising their kitchen capacity and generating potentially 30% more in revenue without having to employ drivers or expensive IT systems.

Speaking about the Galway expansion, Oliver Dewhurst, General Manager of Deliveroo in Ireland, said: “We’ve been blown away by the positive response to Deliveroo in Dublin and Cork and with its thriving restaurant and food scene, Galway is the perfect next step in our ambitious plans for expansion here. Galway is an exciting food destination with a vibrant community of food businesses and food lovers, so we have high hopes that Deliveroo will perform well here.”

“We know that people want to be able to order high-quality restaurant food quickly and easily and we also know that restaurants are keen to capitalise on new revenue streams. Deliveroo is the sweet spot between the two; we take care of the ordering and delivery infrastructure, and allow restaurants to focus on making great food. Our drivers then deliver food with a prompt and friendly service straight to customers’ doors in an average 30 minutes. We’re thrilled to have signed up ten incredible restaurants in Galway, and we hope to significantly grow our number of partners over the coming months,” said Mr Dewhurst.

Deliveroo today confirmed the following ten restaurants as part of its launch Galway network:




      Venice Restaurant




      The Dough Bros

      Da Paulino’s Ristorante Italiano



Nuisin Jalilvand, owner of Galway based seafood restaurant Hooked says; “We’re really excited about partnering with Deliveroo. We’ve been hesitant in the past to provide delivery services, but with Deliveroo’s functionality, we can simply turn on an entire ordering and delivery service when we need to. This opportunity allows us to extend our ability to deliver high quality food to our customers beyond our restaurant, which helps us increase revenue and continue to grow our customer base without having to change a single element of our operation. So for us, partnering with Deliveroo was a total no brainer!”

Since the start of 2015, Deliveroo has grown daily orders tenfold and expanded its service to 50 cities across 12 countries. Deliveroo established its Irish office in late 2014, recruiting a team from high profile distruptive technology-based companies such as Groupon, Hailo and the Dublin Web Summit.  Recently Forbes listed Deliveroo as one of its 24 companies to become a future billion-dollar company.

Visit to find out more, or try their new app, which is free to download for iOS and comes with a number of new features, including location-based delivery tracking and new location search options.


Posted by Darius Ivan

Journalist, Photographer and Designer VR360 content creator

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