I think I am getting a bit touchy at the word “Christmas”.  I remember when my kids were in primary school their teacher had forbidden anyone to mention the “C WORD” until a week before the actual event when anyone could repeat it freely and non stop (probably they did :mrgreen:)

Magic star

I think she had a good point! Getting too excited over Christmas and too early at that, certainly spoils all the fun. Like this year for example. Galway city got festively decorated in the very beginning of November. WHAT THE CRAIC?! Beginning of November!? Am I the only one that finds it a bit early? Halloween decorations were still on in some places while others got revamped for Christmas…



Am I the only one that likes to take it slow and prefers a nice old-fashioned Christmas? Am I the only one that secretly looks at the Christmas tree and admires the way everything sparkles, while everyone else is watching TV?!


Every year the decorations go up earlier and earlier. The TV toy campaigns start nagging at us from the end of October and what joy and festive spirit is left for us by the day itself, the magical wonderful Christmas day?

Just do me a favour please, nobody mention the C WORD for the next three weeks.

And everything will be just great!! 🎅

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