by Fiona Ní Fhoghlua

Galway is buzzing with students again and I must say I am slightly envious. Towards the end of my college career,  I was an expert in being ready for the coming semester, and I have compiled a short list of my college essentials.All my choices are neutral colours – because it makes your wardrobe easier to work with. You can put an outfit together easily with no time wasting!

The first thing that I couldn’t live without was a good coat. As we all know,  the weather in galway will get very cold and windy, so you need something to keep you warm on that walk to college. I love these camel coats that are everywhere right now. They go with any colour and are so warm!
My next essential is a planner or diary. It is so helpful to keep on top of assignments and study. I was slightly obsessed with them, so I had one for college, and one for personal appointments. There’s a great brand online called Lily Pulitzer which makes gorgeous planners and school essentials.
If you’re going to be in college you’re going to need a bag. I was never one to use a double-strapped school bag. I always opted for a tote bag in a neutral tone, so it could be easily matched with my outfits. This black leather one is so similar to the one I had last year. I would also recommend getting yourself a locker. It’s so handy to dump all your books into.
Next is those perfect winter boots. Every girl needs a pair that will see them through the terrible weather we can expect. I love these ones because they are comfortable, stylish and functional. Again they go with mostly everything so you can’t go wrong.
The last thing I would recommend would be a chunky scarf. This is so good to have because you will need it to keep you warm, but when you get to lectures, it’s usually so so hot so you can easily take it off!

For an extended list of my college essentials check out Facebook

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