Escape the Room is an original concept for an ice-breaking activities in Galway.  AsylRoom on Galway’s West End was created pernamently by a group of passionate of Sherlock Holmes cases and computer games. “That’s why we decided to combine both and similar to other escape rooms start the game in Galway. We feel that such a lively and vibrant city need entertainment like this.” said Oskar Boral local photographer and one of the creators of the AsylRoom complex.

Today it has two rooms to explore but building new way to lock you out for an hour and give you hints and clues to find the way to open the door. The task for team of 2-6 people is to escape from a locked room by using hints and clues that are hidden in it. To solve the riddles, you have to work as a team. The game provide additional information about the way you work with each others and what roles they assume in the group.

Situated on Dominick Street in old original building Asyl Room creates potential for great entertainment for various groups. find out more at

Video by Darius Ivan


Posted by Darius Ivan

Journalist, Photographer and Designer VR360 content creator

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