I remember browsing local info stuff online last August coming across post in Galway’s columnist Charlie Adley’s, Double Vision: WHO UNDERSTANDS THE MYSTERY OF ‘DEAD TIGER ROUNDABOUT’?

As a foreigner I don’t remember well the life in Ireland during the era of Celtic Tiger but I have figured an answer for Charlie’s question good few years ago. Driving trough the roundabout with one exit only when passing Oranmore on the way from Galway to Limerick  made me believe that here is the place where the best way to be is to be around and about, just like that! Right here! Right in Galway! Even right here in Oranmore! Here I’m enjoying my two spins in 30 second of Canon exposure last night!

Photo by Darius Ivan

Original thoughts by Charlie Adley here:

As I drove out of Galway on last week’s Blue Bag trip I noticed that there were traffic cones at Dead Tiger Roundabout. Between Oranmore and Clarinbridge, the roundabout serves as a stunningly apt monument to greed and excess.

Created to serve a housing estate that was never built, it goes nowhere and offers no purpose.  Hopefully those cones meant that it was finally being removed…


Posted by Darius Ivan

Journalist, Photographer and Designer VR360 content creator


  1. Nice snap, sir!



    1. Thanks Editor, it was well thought

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