Fire in Cairo – Ultimate tribute to The Cure in Monroe’s Live tonight. Here is fine review of their last show in Galway year ago by Richie The Vibe!

Every great band of the past has a renaissance of their music. Robert Smiths the Cure has become very popular once again and their music has been influential with contemporary  bands. In the early eighties, Smith mixed post punk with gothic mystic and added a fat analogue flanger guitar pedal and the unique sound of the Cure was born. 

When Limerick based love cats, Fire in Cairo, take to the stage at Monroe’s backstage venue, immediately the guitarist nails that Cure sound. The lead singer takes to Smiths sheer being like a professional actor and nails that haunting crawly voice to a sonic blueprint. The band went through all the hits, and the classics, like 10.15 Saturday night, and Charlotte sometimes.

Unlike some other Tribute bands, Fire in Cairo, have worked hard to get that atmospheric Cure sound with the ever present flanger pedal. The band finished with the epic song A Forest, and all in all it was a great gig, bringing us back to a time when the X factor show would not be tolerated by the masses and musical concept was adhered to strongly. I have seen the Cure live several times and Fire in Cairo capture the dynamics of a live Cure show very well indeed.  I would say Robert Smith would put his name to this one. Well done lads hope your back soon.

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