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Syrian migrant family take in Walter Palmer, the dentist who shot Cecil the lion

A Syrian migrant family has come to the aid of Walter Palmer, the Minnesotan dentist who shot and killed Cecil the lion. The Algafari family announced last Saturday that it would take in Palmer, along with his wife and daughter, despite fears that they do not have sufficient resources to host them.

The dentist arrived in Europe two weeks ago in an attempt to escape criticism for killing Zimbabwe’s most beloved lion last July. However, despite making it as far as the Austrian border, he was unable to escape the vitriolic twitter feed from #WalterPalmer, where he has been called “A poor excuse of a human being,” “A killer” and “Satan”.

Whether or not Palmer’s asylum with the Algafari family will work as a temporary solution remains to be seen. But for now at least, the Algafaris are happy Palmer is safe from harm. Speaking on behalf of the family…

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Posted by Darius Ivan

Journalist, Photographer and Designer VR360 content creator

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