iRadio iGo Home Dj Fergal D’Arcy will be on air the last time today. Fergal has worked with iRadio for  8 years, and will taking up with Today FM as one of their new presenters. The craic  would like to wish Fergal the best of luck in his new post with Today FM….Being a fan of the show and of Fergals having, met him the first time  in 2010 where he was rocking Club L in Lough Rea Hotel and Spa. Yesterday he posted his breakup video. Check out the video here:

Below pic features Fergal and girlfriend Mel Mills in Karma Night Club in Galway last Friday.

PIctured having The CRAIC in KARMA NightClub, Friday 21st August. #CRAICinGalway #iBackGalway
Pictured having The CRAIC in KARMA NightClub, Friday 21st August Fergal D’Arcy and Mel Mills. #CRAICinGalway #iBackGalway
“I’m an absolute mess… I’ve been sitting at my desk since 6pm and I’m lost…. I’m scared… This is quiet possibly the worst breakup I’ve ever gone through. Tomorrow will be my last show on iRadio, an institution I love, adore and owe my everything to. The men in charge have been so supportive and have agreed that tomorrow, we should look back over the past 8 years of ‘I GO HOME with Fergal D’Arcy’… Because tomorrow it’ll be the last time I go home with you… Thank you for being there through all the ups and downs in my life…and to all the friends and colleagues I met upon the way… I love you with all my heart… (I’m such a sap crying away here but I’ve always been open about my emotions) … I think this video says most of what I want to say… Thank you …. FERG”

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