By Avril HORAN

The tea will be made and the prayers will be said before Moycullen’s Olga Lee (25) steps out onto the stage in the Dome, as she represents Galway in this year’s Rose of Tralee, taking place from August 14th to 18th. Olga comes from a large family, with five sisters and, following a stint in Trinity, she will return to NUIG this September to complete a master’s degree in business psychology.  We had to find out more about this cake loving beauty with our own Q and A before she faces presenter Daithi O’Sé live on RTE tonight.

How has the Rose of Tralee experience been so far?

It has been one of the best experiences of my life and I’m having an absolute ball with every minute of it. I’ve met so many new people and have had so many opportunities come my way that never would have come about otherwise!

How do you feel about the live show?

I haven’t really given much thought to the live show as I’ve been preoccupied with getting myself ready for the 10 day Rose tour around Ireland, which we embark on prior to arriving in Tralee! I don’t feel nervous at all right now. All I really have to do is talk about myself, my family and my community, which should be straightforward enough! I was interviewed by Daithi O Sé at the regional finals in Portlaoise – so it’s reassuring to know that there’ll be a friendly, familiar face interviewing me again.

Olga Lee Pic Hany marzoukName one thing people don’t know about you.

I used to play the banjo!

Favourite place in Galway:

The Salthill Prom.

Loves: Cake!! Plus my family and friends.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three people or items would you bring with you?

My friend Michelle for her company and outdoorsy skills, sun cream for my pasty skin and a boat!!

Top health and fitness tips:

I don’t think anybody could call me an authority on health and fitness, but I do try to drink two litres of water every day as I find this makes a huge difference to my skin and how I feel!

Have you met your escort yet and, if so, what is he like?

I have not met my escort yet as we only find out who we are assigned to when we arrive in Tralee. The matches are  generally made based on personality and shared interests so hopefully I’ll be paired with someone who I’m compatible with! Ideally, I would love to be paired with someone who is laid-back and up for a laugh!

Do you have a party piece?

Unfortunately not – but many of the girls who will be performing are incredibly talented.

Are you hoping someone will propose to you live on stage?

Given that I don’t even have a boyfriend… Definitely not!!

Favourite Galway memory:

Sitting outside on Quay street on a sunny day!

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