by Spud Murphy

It’s all about competition, isn’t it? It’s about two people going head to head to prove who is the better player, or teams taking each other on to out-smart, out-speed, or simply out-play the opposition. Gaming can be fast, frantic and even brutal at times, as everyone wants to lay claim to the top spot, and nobody wants to lose. However, behind these players’ stern poker faces and in-depth jargon, there’s a huge amount of heart and generosity. Proof of this was seen in spades lately at the Galway City’s gaming leg of the AMC Awareness Day.


AMC- Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita- is a condition that limits the movement of two or more joints in the body. It affects three in every 10,000 births in Ireland and can affect people in many different ways depending on its severity.


The annual AMC Awareness Day is held all over the country as a bid to inform more people of this condition and its effects. It was requested that people wear blue to show their support, and the local gamers sported the colour in force as they arrived at Seven Bar to compete in various tournaments. 
This fundraiser was structured to not only raise awareness, but also bring the city’s numerous gaming communities together by having a little something for everyone. There were tournaments in Ultra Street Fighter IV, Pokémon: Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire and an enormous turnout for a Hearthstone tournament too. Along with this competitive edge, there was also a bake sale filled with delicious baked goods that were blue for the occasion and a number of casual board games and card games.


Galway City’s gamers should be immensely proud of themselves for their efforts on AMC Awareness Day as they collectively raised €190 for the charity in a just few short hours. Each tournament became a crowd-pleasing spectacle, the casual games kept everyone amused throughout the night and the wide selection of buns and cakes ensured that no players went home hungry.

Posted by Darius Ivan

Journalist, Photographer and Designer VR360 content creator

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