When you’re on a day off and the sun appears from behind those rain clouds, what is the first thing most of us do for the day – head for a beer garden with friends! Theres so many good ones to choose from in Galway! Its that rare time that we get to enjoy a drink, the sun and good company. 
I have styled four outfits to give an idea of what I would wear if I were having to get dressed in a hurry to catch the good weather!


 The first outfit I picked is one I would go for straight away if I were heading for cocktails with the ladies. The benefit of this outfit is that the leather jacket can be put on or off (depending on the weather). These scallop-hemmed shorts are a good alternative to a dressed up skirt. The pairing of this outfit with black ankle boots means that it can be worn from day to night in comfort.

  The next outfit is a craft beer kind of outfit. This oversized sheer shirt is a great and comfortable casual dress to chill with your friends in. I matched it up with a wide rimmed hat, denim jacket and tan ankle boots to keep the look summery and fun! Also keeping on trend I matched with a fringed handbag. I have worn this already to one of my favourite spots in town and loved the laid back comfort. 

  The third one is admittedly a lot more formal then the previous two so this would be well suited to an outside dinner and drinks. The knitted roll-neck jumper is great for the evening sun as it goes down. Ripped jeans are always a good staple to keep any outfit casual and the heels are right on trend and can be worn with anything and look perfect!

  Now this last one I would wear if I were in a rush to head out the door. It may look like there’s not a lot of clothes there, but the shirt around the waist can be used as an extra layer if you get cold. Layers are always good when you know you’re going to be outside! This is also a good outfit for an outdoor concert or chilling by the Spanish Arch! 

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