Simon’s 10 Reasons Why The Salt House Is The Best Pub In Ireland! Posted on July 21, 2015 by Simon Broderick

1) 23 taps of the finest Irish and international beers.

2) hundreds of bottles of lovely beer and a decent selection of whiskey.

3) they have a fridge solely for cans!



4) you won’t get Galway Bay Brewery beers much fresher than here!

5) the atmosphere is always great… convivial even!

6) you never know who you’ll meet, it could be one of the brewers doing some quality control or it could be a former employee who now supplies the amber nectar.

7) they have a new US style Lager called No Sweat (I’m not sure if it’s a reference to the Heart and Soul rockers from many moons ago) You’d expect a US style Lager to be pretty bland but Galway Bay Brewery are incapable of making a bland beer. Even if you don’t like all of their beers, they’re never boring.

8) They have a fire for those cold damp nights… in the middle of our Irish Summer…

9) the barman came out from behind the bar and gave me a huge bear hug.  You don’t get that everywhere.

10) they took down their sign to be repainted in the middle of the arts festival, sure you wouldn’t want the place to be full of tourists now! You have to work a bit harder, earn that beer. Sláinte

Source: 10 Reasons Why The Salt House Is The Best Pub In Ireland! | Simon Says… You really should drink this!

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