The Galway Gamer- Trench


by Spud Murphy.


This city has always been known for its perpetual stream of creativity, from musicians and poets to artists and all manner of street performers. Another brand of creative minds can be found in the indie game development scene where a local team, known as Howling Hamster, have excelled with the demo of their upcoming game, Trench.


The game has been created by the three man operation and revolves around the theme of deep sea exploration, where the player takes control of a small submarine and must fight to survive against swarms of aquatic aliens along the ocean’s bed. These enemies range from swift little squid-like creatures to enormous and terrifying bosses, which collectively give Trench an atmosphere that’s thick with suspense.


“Down at the bottom of the ocean it’s a very isolated, lonely kind of place,” said the game’s lead artist, Trevor.  This feeling is supported and amplified by the game’s eerie musical score which re-enforces that sense of foreboding.


However, although Trench may be very much a single player experience, Howling Hamster have also added a fun multiplayer mini-game where two friends can attempt to outwit one another in a small arena and blow each other’s ships out of the water. This creates a fun, fast paced battle game that calls for quick reactions and even quicker thinking.


Trench recently became “green lit” on popular gaming website, Stream, meaning that the full game will appear there when the development process is finished and the final product is launched.


At the moment, Trench’s demo is available on the site free of change. It features some of the games latest additions and pits the player against a horde of aliens as they try to traverse the dark, craggy ocean’s depths.


You can keep up with the game through Howling Hamster’s Facebook and twitter pages. The team also make regular appearances at Galway Gaming Tribes in The Loft of Seven Bar on Monday evenings where people can experience their upcoming game first hand.


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