The Galway Gamer- Feeling Board?

By Spud Murphy.

WarHammer In light of the recent International Tabletop Day, an event which saw gamers all over the world getting together at selected venues to play some of their favourite non-video games, it seems like a great time to get involved in Galway’s busy tabletop and board game scene. You see, not all gaming happens through consoles; there is a much older way of playing against or alongside your friends without the use of electronic devices which is equally as popular around the city.


There is a huge amount of different games styles involved in these games, from fun little pick-up-and-play card games like Cards Against Humanity, in which you must create the funniest and indeed most rude sentences imaginable, to huge in-depth battle games like WarHammer which features a very steep learning curve. It also features fantastic figurines of warriors and mechanical vehicles which are used as pieces on its battle map.


Warhammer is not just about competing against others, it also has a huge, rich lore attached to it with a long history and its own universes. It can seem intimidating from the outside looking in, but there is a great community involved in this game, many of which painstakingly hand paint each of their figurines and boast impressive miniature armies.
Tabletop battles, board games and card games have a strong presence in the gaming world, to a point where they’ve had entire video game genres built around them. WarHammer, Magic: The Gathering and many others are just as much a part of Galway’s gaming scene as Street Fighter or any of the other popular console based heavy hitters.




Posted by Darius Ivan

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